By Megan Ludolph

Atlanta’s premier music festival, Imagine, just wrapped up another successful weekend. Imagine featured four nights of electronic dance music, three incredible main stages, and a silent disco that went on until the sun came up. Sunday night was graced with a heavy serving of experimental bass music with a Tipper takeover on the Amazonia stage. Amazonia had shade tents and couches in the back, allowing fans to sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment.  The stage welcomed a PK sound system, blasting crisp bass for all to hear. A dozen live painters were along the side of the stage all night, creating a gallery of magnificent talent. Off to the side was a huge water slide for festival goers to enjoy and cool off with. Sitting on top gave you a birds-eye view of the stage and all the surrounding activities. Throughout the night, aerial artists and fire dancers were on the sides of the stages with spectacular performances. The crowd watched in amazement as the aerial artists defied gravity and twirled thought the air.

The evening started with Atlanta native, Zen Selekta. Zen set the mood with original downtempo tracks and a spiritual journey. Thriftworks took the stage next, showcasing his unique sound and new material. He brought an explosive mix of heavy bass and hip hop to create a set that left the crowd wanting more. As the sun was setting, Detox Unit took the stage and brought Cullen Hassel with him for live visuals. Regardless of the heat from the sun, the crowd was still dancing around to his incredible tunes. The set was full of fast paced songs and mind blowing visuals. Playing right before Tipper was artist Jade Cicada. Jade has been working closely with the Tipper community and building his reputation as a musical mastermind. His set was especially heavy and full of tunes that made the crowd wobble in amazement. Jade absolutely crushed the speakers with his well known and favorite tracks, as well as some new sounds for everyone to love. Steve Haman was in the sound booth creating visuals for Jade Cicada. The visuals took everyone through a brightly colored exploration of space and imagination.

Ending the night was British producer Dave Tipper. Tipper captivated the crowd with his sounds. There was an equal mix of old fans and new that came to experience the madness firsthand. The set started with a few downtempo tracks, and quickly transitioned into a heavy uptempo journey. Even with Tipper performing two sets elsewhere earlier in the weekend, his set at Imagine was one of a kind, and an incredibly unique experience. He didn’t hold back and continuously played songs that were sure to get the crowd moving. Tipper played everything from old favorites, unreleased tracks that fans have been begging for, and even a brand new tune never played before. Visual artist Fractaled Visions created the backdrop for Tipper’s music, and blew everyone away with his talent. Visuals included artwork from Tipper’s latest album, Jettison Mind Hatch, and his classic question mark symbol. As the set finished, the crowd was left in awe and tried to gather their thoughts after what they experienced. Many fans took their time leaving the stage, hugging one another and sharing confused and satisfied looks to their friends. The stage takeover at Imagine this year was a complete success; shedding light on the supernatural sounds of Tipper for all to enjoy.