Festival Addict Correspondant Ben caught up with Dark TrapProducer and DJ TYNAN. Here’s the latest from the Oklahoma Native on all-things from his latest collaborations with Marshmello to his favorite Pizza toppings.

– So, what’s new in the world if Tynan? How has your 2019 been thus far?

Tynan: Boy, its been a buys year to say the least haha. If I’m not traveling for shows, I’m usually at home working on new tunes or refining my sets. I’ve got a lot more planned for this year, and right now I’m just gearing up for some big things.

-You just released a new collab with Marshmello that released on his Joytime 3 album. How was the creative process while working with him?

Tynan: It was pretty straightforward. He had hit me up to work on a track, so I sent him this drop I had. A few months later, he finally responded asking for the stems. He took the drop and ran with the song. After sending the project back and forth a few more times, it was done in a bout a week or so. We both work pretty fast haha

-Marshmello has found a lot of mainstream success with some of his recent releases but what are your thoughts about more of his recent collaborations with Dubstep and Trap artist such as Svdden Death and yourself? What influence do you feel it has on the respective community?

Tynan: I love seeing bigger artists willing to work with up and comers. Its awesome to see artists at that level of success willing to help out the ones they believe in. I dunno, it gives me hope for the future of the scene.

-Where can people find you in the upcoming months? What are you looking forward to the most?

Tynan: Oh boy, lets see. I’ve got a few festival dates coming up; Valhalla, Bass Canyon, Wakaan Fest, Lost Lands, Dancefestopia. I actually have a little B2B with Excision at Bass Canyon, which I’m beyond stoked for and absolutely terrified for. Beyond that, a few smaller shows scattered around the upcoming months. I’m doing a b2b with G-REX in grand rapids in a few weeks where we are direct support for Nero. Needless to say, I’ll be front row fangirling for that set haha.

-How did your journey start in producing your music? Who or what inspired you?

Tynan: I’ve always had a passion for music. Even as a little kid, I knew I wanted to do something with music. I spent most of middle school and high school jumping around bands and playing with friends. Then in 2011, I discovered dubstep and electronic music. I immediately knew that I wanted to do that haha. It took a while to get anywhere with producing though. I struggled for a few years trying to figure out just how the fuck anything was made. But after years of pushing myself to keep going, the results started to show. Hell, even know I feel like I learn something new everyday. It’s a constant grind, it never really ends, it just gets a little easier each day.

-A lot of fans consider your music “dark trap”. Do you agree?

Tynan: I think that’s one dimension of my sound. I personally don’t like being pigeonholed into one sound or style, I like do everything and incorporating my weird style into whatever I feel like making.

-Who’s an artist you would love you collab with?

Tynan: There are way too many lol. But at this point, I’m trying to build up more solo releases. I feel like I have too many collabs and remixs/flips. You know what I mean? But to actually answer the question; Skrillex, RL Grime, Must Die (that’s a big one for me), Kill The Noise, Eptic, and a few others I’m sure, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

-Can you tell us anything about your upcoming b2b with Excision at Bass Canyon? How excited are you? Anything special you have lined up for the set?

Tynan: Soooo excited hahaha. I dunno, I think I’m going to aim for playing all unreleased songs or VIPs of some of mine that ive been working on. It’ll be nuts that’s for sure.

-What are your go-to pizza toppings? Any favorite pizza place?

Tynan: I’m a simple man, I’ll take a cheese pizza over specialty pizzas any day of the week. And just about anywhere that doesn’t suck at making pizza.

-How does the city of OKC feel about Russel Westbrook?

Tynan: That’s a tough one hahaha. Russel Westbrook has a special place in the history of OKC. It doesn’t matter what team he plays for, he will always be our Bestbrook.

-How did the name Tynan come about? 

Tynan: Yes I did! It’s my middle name. Fun fact, Tynan is also a gaelic name meaning Dark.

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