In less than one month time Dirtybird Campout returns with our favorite adult-summer camp-themed house music festival. Much more than just a music festival, Dirtybird Campout is a weekend of endless activities, fun, games, prizes and so much more. Aside from a killer line-up, Dirtybird offers a huge number of plug-in programs to allow campers to get involved with the Dirtybird Community before, during and after the event. Here’s a list of some of our favorite Plug-in programs at Dirtybird Campout, and how you and your flock of friends can get involved!

Show off your Talent at Claude’s Cabin

Formally known to DBC veterns as “the Bunkhouse” Claude’s Cabin is an all new area this year with all the comedy and laughter you’ll ever need. From camper activities such as Speed Dating, Stand-up Yoga, and Camper Story-Telling to traditional Campout favorites like “Lap Dance for your Life.” The Bunkhouse is the best way for any extroverted first time-camper to get involved and leave a lasting impression. Its also a great way to score poiints  for your team! Oh did we mention?


Rep your Team’s Colors and Score Points for prizes (and bragging rights!)

Dirtybird veterns also know the best way to get involved is to join a team and compete in campout games! When you first arrive to the Campout field, keep lookout for the area where you can get your Bandana and rep your squad! Choose between Orange, Red, Green and Purple teams. Points are kept totaled on a leaderboard, with the winning team reciving the ultimate campout prize: The IRONBIRD CHAMPION PATCH to add to your merit patch collection.

Earn your Merit Patches!


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Aside from the IRONBIRD Patch, there are a multitude of other merit patches you can earn.

From classic favorites the “DiscoBird” patch for the best moves on the dance floor, to new rewards such as “The Lovebird” patch for couples, the merit patch program is a DBC class. Check out a sneak peak of this year’s patches here!








Become a Counselor-in-Training

Here’s your chance to get involved with Dirtybird Campout West, Dirtybird officially recruits volunteers (called Counselors In Training) to attend Campout in exchange for work during the festival. CITs (Counselors in Training). CITs are a micro-community within the Dirtybird family comprised of the most dedicated members of the flock that want to go above and beyond by helping co-create the Campout experience for everyone. In addition to festival access, the program also holds many amazing situations that allow individuals to grow personally and professionally. For those interested, learn more here!

Check our the camper-thrown events!

This year Dirtybird hosted its first inaugural “Peakcock Program” which allowed DBC attendees to show off their talent and the creativity within the Campout family. Between June and August an open idea submission casting call was put out, and the results are in. From a spelling bee, to art installations, to a complimentary bar (serving free compliments daily!) be sure to check out the events put on by Campout’s finest. 

Gather your crew (and win VIP Prizes)

In honor of all the wonderful and crazy crews that turn out each year, Dirtybird are offering a next level experience to one crew, featuring a primo sectioned off spot in group camping positioned on a large grassy knoll, which will have enough space for more than 20 people and eight vehicles. But most of all, they’re going to print a custom flag to officially designate your crew’s authority in badassery.

To win, all you need to do is fill out the application here and describe why your crew deserves to win.

No matter how you choose to plug-in, whether it be as a preformer, an attendee or part of Dirtybird’s CIT program, Dirtybird Campout is the best way to end your California Summer. Truth is, there’s nowhere better than summer camp with all your friends.

Dirtybird Campout will take place on October 4th-6th, 2019. Find out more and book your trip to this year’s festival here.


Pooja Shah is local IT-guru and wanna-be event curator from the Bay Area. When she’s not posting articles for Festival Addcits, or headbanging to the latest Lost Lands Compilation Album, you can follow her adventures on Instagram @Pooja_Shahnanigans