A first hand account of the Westwood Magazine and Fashion Launch Event By our own Kelly Arellanas!

Our Ladies Glamming it up!

Here at Festival Addicts we pride ourselves with bringing you the traditional information about navigating tricky ticketing websites, ticket sale dates as they arrive, line ups, and, of course, the perils of the parking lot wars! But for one special night we descended deep into the world of high fashion: the glitz and glam was in full effect as we divulged on the brink of where high end fashion and festival attire collid




Bernard Morris as @FatBlackandAwesome

Before I begin let me just say what an honor it was to be invited to such a riveting event. Our story centers around the beautiful Madame Methven and her “First-ever EDM Festival Couture Collection” called Madame Special K. She runs two high end lingerie brands and specializes in the couture and distinctly feminine lines that inspire confidence and power. Madame Methven, or Kaila Methven by name, has traveled the world and received a Master’s degree from the International Fashion Academy Paris and completed advanced training at Polymodo in Florence. She brings all that prowess and knowledge to us in the form of clothing that bedazzled us in the private confines of Hollywood Hills.

To accurately set the mode, our story takes place at none other then the iconic Cedars mansion. Our drive thru the winding hills took us to the hilltop estate , met with valets scrambling to accommodate the modest crowd of attendees. The theme for the night was The Great Gatsby Gala and there was no shortage of feathers and tassels adorning the ladies and the sharpest dressed men. A red carpet event complete with several photographers and lights met you as you entered the gates. At the far end of the courtyard a playful photo booth was set up complete with masquerade masks and feather boas and a rose wall to commemorate the night.

Our gracious host, Sue Wong, set up an evening filled with fun and grandeur. Cedar Mansion was bought by this prominent fashion designer in 2004 and she spent years restoring it to recapture old time Hollywood glamour just beautifully. The walls are covered in art, but the walls and ceilings themselves are just as beautiful as their embellishments. The artist who built the house was a film director who worked for MGM studios by the name of Maurice Tourneur. His love of lions was very apparent , and there are over 150 of the magical creatures adorning every room. Stunning carpets and Baroque chairs lined the central grand ballroom and it couldn’t have been a more elegant setting for the fashion show we were about to receive.

Our very own @Mochaprincess sits down with Kalia Methven

As we waited for the main event, refreshments and hors d’oeuvres floated around the room. A particular favorite of mine was the tequila tasting from Nuda Tequilas, as they had several varieties that all had distinctly discernable qualities to the pallet. Adjacent to the main Ballroom was a DJ booth and a special collection of purses and jewelry available for purchase. As you made your way out to the back patio, another fun photo booth with available with a shiny glitter wall, and as you know us festival ladies love our glitter. Samples of chocolate liqueur and vegan snacks were offered, as well as delicious tequila sunrises.



“Playful tufts of fabric at the arms…”

After an hour or so of mingling with fashion gurus, social media influencers, models, and a never ending list of interesting people to converse with, our attentions are drawn back to the ballroom. This stunning collection was inspired by Madame Methven and her interest in a world we both love, filled with ravers and pulse pounding music. Her background in lingerie is a strength for her at this moment, and the beautifully petite woman strut from down the hall to our crowded room. Bold straps in dark contrast criss cross the models torsos, seemingly telling your eyes exactly where to look. Playful tufts of fabric at the arms lighten the look and help to increase the personal space surrounding them as they turn and retire from the ballroom. A common theme of a large bow on the backside playfully attempted as a modest cover up, but the sheer fierceness and confidence of the models proved how amazing they felt in them. The head pieces on each model was particularly spectacular, as they all varied but each distinct fit the theme of the outfit she was wearing.

The fun spirit extended themselves to the names of the garments themselves

As they came back in for the last walk you could see how delighted they were to be part of something so vivacious and unique, juxtaposed in such a classy setting. The fun spirit extended themselves to the names of the garments themselves, such as “Mistress Lightshow” “Candy Flip’n Countess” “Pink Crystal Meth” to name a few. Kaila knows her target audience and gives a precision pop in such shocking nomenclature.

The evening continues with two more runway shows of various ensembles that showed a little less skin but were breathtaking nonetheless. Everything from light dresses with bold wording written in angles to pink ruffle frills from chin to ankle broken up by sleek metallic jackets. A personal favorite of mine was a futuristic bodysuit on a woman with sleek back hair and red wiring interloping throughout the garment and giving a space age fierceness i hope to see more of as alien themed events seem to be the hot trend in music festivals everywhere. Our kind hostess wraps up the night with some special guests, such as monks, beautiful R & B singer named Alex, and reggaeton artist who refused to play by the rules.

The Statement Dress of the Collection

If you enjoy haute couture and high end lingerie please check out www.madamemethven.com for her current looks available, as I understand the new line “Madame Special K” won’t be available until next year. Thankfully 2020 is just around the corner, and with this new decade I hope we all try to embody the power and sexual confidence that Kaila instilled in us that night. For an in depth view behind the Madame herself please check out the audio interview Monique Williams did with her on a very comfy looking bed.