Lights All Night celebrated their tenth anniversary this past December to end the decade. The two-night event was filled with magic, happiness and love, reminding attendees what the meaning of PLUR (peace, love,unity and respect) really is. On the first night, Skrillex put on a truly captivating performance to remind everyone why he is considered the father of dubstep. His performance giving us all a constant reminder that he is and will always be one of the greatest DJs. The second night did not fail to follow-up; with huge bass heavy artists showing off their latest to match Skrillex’s heavy day one energy. Day 2 performances by Subtronics, Liquid Stranger, Boogie T, Hesh, Al Ross, Boomer, Zomboy were unparalleled.  To finish this magical night off Bassnectar closed out the night with the best performance of the weekend; just when you though things couldnt get any heavier.


When I went to this festival for the first time this year, I went by myself. I was greeted with open arms and hearts from the festival goers that i can now call my family. I have heard mixed reviews about Lights All Night prior to going. I can say for a fact this festival is a great festival that anyone should have in their sights of going in the future. Perhaps the biggest logisitical disappointment was only having one water refill station. This lead to severe overcrowding on the first night: a complete mess. However, the team did resolve the issue appropriately and the second night things ran smoothly. With such a responsive healty and safety team- it was no surprise that this event was such a success.




All in all, this festival was a great one and I look forward to seeing what this amazing team has to offer next year.