Valentine’s day can be whatever you want it to be, Relentless beats and Insomniac events made it a night to remember. From the opening act of Dark Mark to the closing set of Jauz, there was a vibe in the air that made everyone get into their feels. Whether you were there with a special someone or with your rave crew, it was easy to get lost in the music with the diverse line-up of Dj’



The two-stage event allowed everyone to channel their love for music in whatever way they were feeling at the moment. The stage set the tone for the night bosting 3 giant industrial look LED hearts on both ends of the stage, along with one in the center in front of a massive LED screen. Red, pink and white lights were used to project the theme of the night along with other colorful lights all over the warehouse. Red confetti showered the crowd during an explosion of feels when Jauz dropped his heavy bass remix of Shaded’s instant classic Trampoline. At that point in the night, the entire crowd was encapsulated with positive energy and love for one another. I am proud to say I was apart of that moment and that feeling is something I wish everyone could experience. Jack’s Mannequin wrote a song called Dark Blue with lyrics that ask “ have you ever been alone in a crowded room?” at Crush, I seriously felt like I was in a crowded room with thousands of my best friends.


The number of DJs and music options seemed to be endless at Crush AZ 2020. 2Soon had the silent disco bumpin on the Blue Channel.  Dark Mark slayed the main stage with heavy dubstep for all the headbangers. Carbin and Tynan mixed in a lot of dubstep, bass, hip-hop and house into their sets which is always fun to experience. Audein played a classic hearth felt set with his own tracks along stand out hits Save the world tonight by Swedish House Mafia and Shelter by Porter Robinson / Madeon. Let’s not forget the incredible set by Jauz. He’s known for playing a wide arrangement of music genres and that’s exactly what he did. Sam even stopped the music to give a shout out to his Wife and thanking her for being there since the beginning. Jauz also gave an inspiring message to the crowd saying that they should purse their dreams and forget the haters. I gained a lot of respect for Sam after he said that.


The entry setup at Crush AZ 2020 had plenty of lines for security and ID checks. This allowed the process to be as smooth and as fast as possible while making sure everyone felt safe. The parking was well planned along with a designated drop-off and pick-up area near the entrance which provided festival-goers a safe alternative to driving. VIP had a dedicated vewing area on the front right of the stage and an elevated area with table service. GA ticket holders were able to  experience the rail if they wanted to be front and center was a nice change from Bassrush Massive back in August 2019. The infamous Relentless Rangers (similar to insomniac’s ground control) were on duty to help keep everyone safe by providing water and a no questions asked chillout zone to whoever needed it. Having that sense of safety and security for festival-goers is a great precaution I hope all festival planners adopt into their game plan. All in all Crush AZ 2020 was the perfect way to end a beautiful Valentine’s day.

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